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Recreational Insurance in Wisconsin

Recreational insurance policies are primarily intended to protect people who partake in recreational activities against the associated risks and liabilities. Many of these policies can cover various activities, such as fishing, hunting, skiing, golfing, and many others. If you're in Green Bay, WI, and are looking to purchase a recreational insurance policy, call us at AIA Insurance of Wisconsinto understand more about this coverage and how it can help you.

What Does Recreational Insurance Cover?

Each policy varies slightly depending on its provider and what type of activity is being covered. Recreational insurance policies often only take effect once an individual reaches a minimum age, as many types of risky behavior are not considered appropriate for children. In addition, individuals must ensure that their chosen insurer covers all potential risks before signing up for coverage, as non-inclusion could result in litigation if an accident results from those excluded activities or those excluded from those included activities.

People who want to cover themselves, their family, and their properties from loss when they engage in a wide variety of recreational activities should purchase the insurance policy. The most common recreational insurance policies cover fishing boats, golf carts, ATVs, and more. It might surprise you to learn that your homeowners or renters’ policy does NOT cover these items if they are lost or damaged while engaging in a recreational activity.

Why Buy Recreational Insurance?

It's easy to see how this coverage can make a big difference in your life. Many accidents related to recreational activities - especially skiing and watersports - become very expensive quickly. If you are not insured, friends and family members may need to help with the costs. Even if you're covered by health insurance or other benefits, they will frequently refuse to pay for many of these expenses because they don't consider them medically necessary.

Suppose an accident occurs while participating in a given activity. In that case, recreational insurance can mean the difference between paying for it out-of-pocket and having your insurer cover all or most of the costs. Many recreational insurance policies include protection against personal liability, meaning that if you accidentally injure someone while participating in an activity covered by your policy, most or all of these costs may be paid for by your insurer.

We're always happy to interact with our clients and potential clients and answer any of their questions and concerns. If you're a Green Bay, WI resident and want to know more about recreational insurance, call or visit us at AIA Insurance of Wisconsin. We'll always ensure you make an informed choice!