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Motorcycle Insurance in Wisconsin

Motorcycle ownership offers a great sense of adventure and freedom. As many bike owners realize, owning a motorcycle is more than simply owning a specific type of vehicle. Motorcycle ownership is also a lifestyle. To make the most of bike ownership, you must have the proper insurance coverage. At AIA Insurance of Wisconsin, serving Green Bay, WI, we want to educate our clients on their insurance options. Keep reading to learn more about motorcycle insurance.

Is a Regular Auto Policy Enough?

Motorcycles differ significantly from regular automobiles. One of the most significant differences is in the risk factors involved with a bike. Operating a motorcycle creates a more powerful personal risk for the driver. Because of this, motorcycle policies will have more significant coverage amounts for personal injury. A regular auto policy may not have sufficient personal injury coverage amounts. This can leave a driver vulnerable financially in the event of an accident.

A motorcycle policy will also have other features, including options to pause coverage during certain times of the year. This feature is helpful for drivers who only use their bikes during certain months and then park them for the rest of the year. Motorcycle operation is seasonal for some drivers in certain parts of the country because of weather issues. This feature can save you money.

Specialty Bike Policies

If you have a customized bike, you may want to speak with an insurance representative who can give you information on special policies for customized bikes. A customized motorcycle will have a value greater than the usual value of the same make and model. If you have invested additional money in having your bike customized, you will want this investment protected.

If you would like to learn more about motorcycle insurance, or you have questions about any of our other insurance products, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at AIA Insurance of Wisconsin, serving Green Bay, WI.